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One of the most powerful ways to support the cancer research mission of the Osteosarcoma Institute is through a gift in your will. This type of planned gift costs nothing today, and allows you to dedicate a part of your legacy to finding a cure for osteosarcoma.

If you selected the Osteosarcoma Institute as the primary beneficiary for a specific gift, such as a certain amount of money or stock or a percentage of your total estate, please take a minute to complete the secure form below to let us know about your gift. (Your bequest will remain anonymous unless you give us permission to recognize you.)

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About the Osteosarcoma Institute

Our Strategy

Globally estimated, there are over 26,000 new cases of osteosarcoma diagnosed each year, with 1,000 being diagnosed in the US, but treatment options haven’t advanced in 40 years. To find a cure for osteosarcoma, we have to collaborate, innovate, and translate around the most promising science.

Our Mission

The Osteosarcoma Institute’s mission is to dramatically increase treatment options and survival rates in osteosarcoma patients through identifying and funding the most promising and breakthrough osteosarcoma clinical trials and science.

Stories in Overcoming Osteosarcoma

Isabelle’s Story

At age 10, Isabelle “Izzy” broke her femur during a dance routine. She spent the next two years fighting her cancer and fundraising to find new treatments.

Jaden’s Road to Recovery

When her 8-year-old son was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, Lei Zhang found support through OSI and her Houston community.

Western Extrusions corporate gift
Western Extrusions Pledges $450,000 to the Osteosarcoma Institute

The OSI’s first major corporate gift is the fruit of a longstanding relationship between the two organizations.

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