OSI Connect

Osteosarcoma Answers and Assistance

About the Program

OSI Connect is our free, easy-to-use resource dedicated to supporting osteosarcoma patients and their families.

It connects those affected by the devastating disease with expert physicians to answer questions about all aspects of osteosarcoma, including treatment, possible side effects, and advice for getting the most out of patient visits with their treating physician.

The support, resources, and medical knowledge we offer are primarily focused on those seeking treatment in the United States. While our support for those seeking treatment internationally is limited, we are happy to help as much as possible.

How It Works

1. Submit intake form
Complete the confidential intake form below to share information about your osteosarcoma diagnosis or recurrence. This may take some time but is very helpful for our team to be able to provide you with the best answers and assistance.

2. Upload medical documentation
Upload your most recent imaging report and pathology report via the secure file transfer. Details will be emailed to you upon submission of the intake form.

3. Receive email within one week
Within a week of receiving your information, we’ll email you to arrange a phone call with one of our osteosarcoma experts.

4. Speak to an expert
Talk with our osteosarcoma expert for guidance about the treatment of osteosarcoma, as well as resources, if requested. OSI Connect does not provide medical care or specific medical advice.

We will treat information confidentially as described in our privacy policy.

Getting Started

Submit the OSI Connect Intake Form

Please complete the following fields to share your medical background with us. We estimate this step will take 10-15 minutes to complete.
Once we have received all your materials (intake form, imaging report, pathology report), we will contact you by email to start the process of connecting you with an osteosarcoma expert. To ensure that our message comes to your email inbox, please save “connect@osinst.org” in your contacts.


As a mother with a 13-year-old osteowarrior, I couldn’t rest without knowing I am doing absolutely everything to give her the best care. OSI Connect gave me that peace of mind and the reassurance that I’m doing everything possible for my daughter. They are knowledgeable, kind and compassionate.

— Colette R., mother of an osteosarcoma patient

“I encourage other parents to seek out as much information as possible. Organizations like OSI and other local support groups have been hugely helpful along the way.”

— Lei Z., Mother of an osteosarcoma patient

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