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Mashale Straker, Emily O'Neal, and Chloe Anderson

Meet Mashale Straker, Emily O’Neal, & Chloe Anderson, the OSI’s New Team Members

These new staff members support the administrative, development, and finance departments at the Osteosarcoma Institute’s Dallas office.

In May 2023, three new team members joined the Osteosarcoma Institute (OSI)’s office in Dallas, Texas. Mashale Straker, Emily O’Neal, and Chloe Anderson (pictured left to right above) each care deeply about the mission to dramatically increase treatment options and survival rates in osteosarcoma patients. The team’s growth is a testament to the effectiveness of the OSI’s recent fundraising and will provide more support to its various departments.

We spoke with the new staff to learn about their previous experiences and what excites them about their roles.

Mashale Straker

Mashale Straker

Mashale Straker, Finance and Accounting Associate

Mashale earned her Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Oakwood University in Huntsville, Alabama. She has nearly 10 years of audit and non-profit accounting experience and previously worked as an accounting manager for a charter school management organization in New York City.

A native New Yorker, Mashale — and her miniature poodle Chase — moved to Dallas in 2022. Mashale is excited to use her financial expertise to help the OSI advance osteosarcoma research.

What intrigued you about the position?

Mashale: The mission drew me in. When I was around nine years old, my sister’s boyfriend died of bone cancer. It was a very traumatic experience for my sister and our families. Those memories came back when I read this job description. It is nice to see that there are organizations out there that are specifically fighting these diseases.

How does your role support the larger mission of the OSI?

I handle the day-to-day finances, which means managing payables, receivables, and the grant schedule and preparing periodic financial statements and the annual budget. As the OSI continues to grow, I will also work closely with the development team to provide financial transparency to donors.

“By keeping administrative costs low, the majority of the OSI’s funding is going toward research and patient support. It is very clear that the OSI is sticking to its core mission and purpose — to drive osteosarcoma research.” — Mashale Straker, finance and accounting associate

From a financial standpoint, what excites you about the OSI’s mission?

I can tell from the financials that, by keeping administrative costs low, the majority of the OSI’s funding is going toward research and patient support. It is very clear that the OSI is sticking to its core mission and purpose — to drive osteosarcoma research.


Emily O’Neal

Emily O’Neal, Development Assistant

Emily grew up in McKinney, Texas, and received her associate degree from the University of North Texas. She is currently completing a bachelor’s in philosophy and ethics at the University of Arizona.

Emily previously worked in the hospitality and legal sectors and is eager to apply her talents to nonprofit work. She looks forward to raising the OSI’s national profile and helping the organization pursue innovative, collaborative solutions to find a cure for osteosarcoma. Emily resides in Plano with her son, Henry.

What intrigued you about the OSI’s mission and this position in particular?

Emily: It was immediately apparent to me that the OSI is taking an innovative approach to curing such a devastating cancer. The other OSI team members are passionate about their work, and we share many of the same values.

What inspires you about the OSI’s mission to find a cure for osteosarcoma?

I’m inspired by the OSI’s willingness to be creative and think outside the box to serve a population so deserving of support.

How does your role support the larger mission of the OSI?

As development assistant, I support the development team in their awareness and fundraising efforts. I also manage the OSI’s social media platforms and assist with prospective donor research. I always knew I wanted to work in nonprofits because of my drive to serve something bigger than myself. I am very excited to learn from the team and to be here now.


Chloe Anderson

Chloe Anderson, Administrative Assistant

Before joining the OSI, Chloe worked as an administrator in a family physician practice and then within the insurance/billing department of an allergy and asthma practice. She is currently pursuing a degree in medical biology.

In 2021, Chloe’s boyfriend Jarred was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. She and Jarred left their Colorado college to return to Dallas/Fort Worth and begin Jarred’s treatment. For over a year, Chloe was Jarred’s full-time caregiver. She learned about the OSI through OSI Connect, which helped Jarred, Chloe, and his family make more informed decisions as Jarred faced an osteosarcoma recurrence. Chloe looks forward to applying her life experience to her new role at the OSI to better help those facing a similar situation.

How will you use your unique perspective in your new role?

Chloe: I know firsthand how scary it is when a loved one is given this isolating 1% diagnosis and how hard it is to sit on the sidelines as they endure the brutal chemo cycles, the surgeries, and the non-stop doctor’s appointments. As someone who has been a caregiver, I am just happy to offer anything and everything that I can to patients and their families to let them know that I understand and they are not alone.

What advice would you give to others coping with their loved one having cancer?

My advice to others is to try to understand the patient’s way of coping, because it is probably different than yours. Support them in the way they need you to and respect each other’s boundaries. Accept help from others, ask the physician any and every question you have, say I love you more, and take each day as it comes — and try not to lose yourself in the process.

How does your role support the mission of OSI?

I help the operations manager with a variety of tasks that take place behind the scenes. I have primarily been working on revamping OSI Connect to be more efficient and a better experience for each patient. We have greatly decreased our turnaround time, which has allowed us to help more families much faster. Additionally, I assist with tasks in many different departments and constantly offer ways to accelerate our processes. What the OSI does is so personal to me, and I am honored to take part in such meaningful work.

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