A Girl and Her Puppy: A Love that Heals
April 19, 2021

National Pet Day, April 11, 2021

While undergoing treatment for osteosarcoma, Izzy declared she wanted a puppy. As the end of treatment was rapidly approaching, she was pretty set on it. Some of Izzy’s best days in treatment were days when Espen, a therapy dog, would come visit. Espen would lay at the foot of Izzy’s bed and she would just pet him and smile. Joy would radiate from her, and those were the moments she was truly at peace.

Izzy’s parents weren’t planning on adding a 3rd dog to their household of six humans, but it was clear they had no real choice. Izzy was going to get a puppy.

As Izzy rang the No More Chemo Bell on November 3rd, signifying the beginning of her life after cancer, her new puppy Blu was just beginning his life too. Since that day, they have been inseparable. 

Blu is Izzy’s puppy. He knows when she is upset and immediately tends to her with puppy kisses. He curls up next to her and just adores her. It has been a challenge for Izzy to train Blu while she is still in physical therapy and working to gain strength and stability on two legs. She is motivated by her goal of taking Blu on walks and to her favorite place, the beach.

Izzy is healing after osteosarcoma, with the help of her best friend Blu. But Izzy’s hope is that one day, no child will have to heal from what she has gone through. She has started a fund with the Osteosarcoma Institute, which will be applied to a breakthrough clinical trial or study in osteosarcoma this year. 

To contribute to Izzy’s Fund, please visit our donation page. 

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